Wolf Daddy Pimento Cheese

“Howling for Cheese”


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Cheese, cheese, and more cheese!  

Imagine hanging out with friends, enjoying the festivities while munching on a smooth tasting pimento cheese with all the fixings.  Wolf Daddy Foods, LLC, has you covered with their signature pimento cheese recipe.  If you are a cheese lover, prepare to add Wolf Daddy Foods to your cheese list!  The dynamic duo, Amanda and Richard of Wolf Daddy Foods has their expertise in the culinary business which began by owning their very own restaurant in 1979.

Greensboro Farmers Curb Market intern Brittany McClanton got know Wolf Daddy Foods and some of their inspirations that helped start their pimento cheese journey.

1.What inspired you to create this unique product?

  My husband made pimento cheese for tailgating and parent weekend events at our daughter’s college. Her friends liked it so much they begged her to bring more when she came home for breaks. After all those years of giving it away, we decided to see if we could sell it.

2.What is your signature product?

Howling Habanero has been our biggest seller; but the Original, which is an extra sharp cheddar pimento cheese is catching up. Wolf Daddy participated in the Muddy Creek Pimento Cheese Throw Down in 2016, which was judged by NC food critics and restaurateurs.  Our original recipe took first prize in the Best Classic category. Howling Habanero won first prize for Most Creative. Wolf Daddy Pimento Cheeses also won the People’s Choice Award, which was determined by event participants who sampled all the pimento cheeses in the competition and voted for their favorite.

3.What inspired you to be in culinary?

  My husband, Richard, and I owned a restaurant when we were first married. We had both worked our way through college waiting tables at local restaurants.  We decided to take the plunge by opening Amanda’s Restaurant in 1979, where we concentrated on fresh, quality ingredients. We used local products as much as possible. We had a loyal following and grew tremendously from the experience, but eventually sold it and went on to other careers. Since we made pimento cheese at the restaurant for the luncheon cold plates and caterings we had a good recipe from the outset. Wolf Daddy Pimento Cheese was born out of that original recipe, but we stepped it up a notch with hormone- free and lactose- free cheeses. Howling Habanero grew out of Richard’s love for spicy foods.

Wolf Daddy Foods is passionate about providing an artisan pimento cheese to the market. It is rewarding to meet customers who are so happy to be able to enjoy pimento cheese again now that Wolf Daddy provides a lactose free option. We take pride in the quality of our cheeses, and developed the recipes using premium ingredients with no added preservatives or fillers.

4. What are some key elements you learned through the Kitchen Connect GSO Program?

Having access to a larger commercial space at Out of the Garden Project’s kitchen, through Kitchen Connects, is allowing us to build our business without going into debt, and to grow the business at our own pace.

5.How has this program help you grow more as entrepreneur?

Connecting with other entrepreneurs who use the community kitchen and sharing knowledge and experience is very encouraging. I am also taking advantage of the opportunity to take business classes through partnership with the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market and Kitchen Connects GSO. Commercial production of prepared food differs from the restaurant business as it is under guidelines of the Department of Agriculture.

6. Do you see yourself opening a restaurant? Food Truck?

 Currently, we have no plans to open a restaurant or food truck. However, we will gladly sell our product in quantity to caterers, restaurants or food trucks who wish to incorporate Wolf Daddy Pimento Cheeses into their recipes. Our product makes a great appetizer for weddings or other group events, as well as a delicious complement to any sandwich, especially burgers. Some customers tell me they even have it for breakfast on their scrambled eggs.

 We are quite happy to be available only at the farmer’s market where we can make personal contact with our customers and offer samples of our cheeses as we build our customer base. Eventually, we do plan to make our products available in specialty stores as well.

Make sure you come visit the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market on Saturdays from 7am-12pm to grab a taste of the Howling Habanero Pimento Cheese!   

Stay connected with them through their social media sites on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/WolfDaddyPimentoCheese/ and their website at http://wolfdaddyfoods.com/index.html.